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The educational complex of Nizhny Novgorod provides the employers operating on the territory of our city and outside with well-trained, highly qualified personnel. There are different educational institutions from kindergartens to institutions of doctoral candidacy:
-preschool educational institutions;
-municipal system of secondary education (more than 170 schools);
-schools with an advanced study of different subjects, where the most gifted children get education (18 gymnasia and colleges). This list includes linguistically directed grammar schools participating in various international projects and programs that foster advanced country-study, linguistic and inter-cultural learning. A special place in mathematical education takes lyceum №40, renowned inside and outside Russia due to numerous awards in international competitions.
-secondary professional educational institutions (more than 30);
-a variety of higher educational institutions (more than 30).
In more than 70% of schools there is division of pupils into special classes. These schools offer 26 programs, special training courses on the basis of higher education institutions.
The basis for supplementary education is created with the Chkalov Palace of Youth and District centers of supplementary education, a station of young technicians, Children's Railway, local leisure centers and clubs, sports schools and centers.
75% of pupils attend 67 institutions of supplementary education offering diverse trends.
More than 3000 students have joined numerous sections of municipal scientific society.
Such programs like "Youth of Nizhny Novgorod", city project "We are together", purpose program of parental training successfully operate in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as club "Family and me", parental cultural center "Shtok".


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