Англоязычная версия путеводителя по местам пребывания Максима Горького за рубежом

Город -150 - летие Максима Горького -Англоязычная версия путеводителя по местам пребывания Максима Горькогоза рубежом

1. Finland (1904-1906, 1913-1914):

In the beginning of 1904 Gorky had to quarter in Lintula cottage in Kuokkala village on the shore of the Gulf of Finland because of the poor health condition. Nowadays there is the main building of M. Gorky vacation retreat. 

Gorky, Stasov and Repin in Kuokkala

In 1906 he lived in Helsinki, Tuusula settlement. He made a speech at the literary and musical evening arranged to celebrate his arrival; took the floor at a meeting organized for him by Finnish workers; the Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela painted Gorky from life; he started to prepare a publication of a national literatures book collection; he met with Lenin and spent several days in a country house of the architect Saarinen; he visited the artist A. Järnefelt living close to Helsinki and met with the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.   

In 1913-1914 he lived in the suburban settlement of Kirjavala, Mustamäki railway station, and came to Helsinki. He met with architects, writers, with Feodor Chaliapin; he was preparing a publication of the first collected book of proletarian authors and was finishing his novel “In the World”.


2. The United States (winter - summer 1906): New York, Boston, Philadelphia. The intention was to raise funds to help

Russian socialists. In the United States Gorky and Andreyeva told the American people the truth about the Russian Revolution and disclosed to them the anti-national nature of the bloody czarist rule. There Gorky wrote satirical pamphlets about French and American bourgeois cultures (My Interviews, In America) and started his proletarian novel The Mother.


3. Canada (1906)

September, 1906: Gorky went to Canada; in Montreal he visited the laboratory of the physicist Rutherford; he was in Buffalo; he went to the Niagara through the lakes and was in Cleveland.


4. Italy: Naples, Capri, Sorrento. The purpose was medical treatment (since 1906 till 1913, 1924-1933)

October 13, 1906 – Naples

1906 – 1912 – the Capri island. There Gorky wrote 27 short stories which form the Tales of Italy.

1907 – a trip to London, a meeting with Lenin.

1912 – a trip to Paris with M.F. Andreyeva, a meeting with Lenin.

The writer was working a lot at that time. Lenin came twice to the Capri island (1908 and 1910) to visit Gorky. He also edited there his novel The Mother

M. Gorky on Capri

From April 23, 1924 till 1933 Gorky lived in Sorrento: first, in the Capuccini hotel, then at Villa Massa and since 19 November 1924 at Villa Il Sorito located at the naze Capo di Sorrento.










There Gorky wrote his novel The Artamov Business, three series of the novel Life of Klim Samgin, Fragments from My Diary, plays, essays and memoirs, a great number of journalistic articles.








M. Gorky in Sorrento

Commentary: On 23 October 2015 Maxim Gorky State Museum in Nizhny Novgorod and the Association of Culture “Maxim Gorky” in Naples signed a cooperation agreement. The document became a basis for closer cooperation between Russian and Italian experts studying and promoting Gorky creative work.

5. Germany and the Czech Republic

In 1921 – 1923 Gorky went abroad. The trip was caused by the disease recurrence and continuous disagreement with new authorities.




Berlin (Maxim Gorki Theater)



Bad Saarow (the museum was closed in the 1990s). The community had to sell the house. Today it is private property inaccessible for public. 


Gorky house in Bad Saarow









Heringsdorf (Maxim Gorki literary and memorial museum at Irmgard Villa).




Prague (November 27, 1923) – medical treatment


6. Abkhazia (September 1929)

On 6 October Gorky talked to the tourists and city residents of Gagra; on his way to Sukhumi he was at a state farm in New Athos; on 7 September he came to the capital of the republic accompanied by the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, the famous Abkhazian writer Samson Chanba and the editor of the Apsny Kapsh newspaper Mushni Hashba.

From Sukhumi Gorky went to Ochamchire (Abkhazia) and on the way there caught up with a pregnant woman who started to give birth. Gorky delivered her of the child, washed it and helped her reach home. Later a birth centre was built there.

Maxim Gorky in other countries

1. Gorky’s works are very famous and favored in Japan. Productions of Gorky’s play The Lower Depths are very popular. The play is staged at several theatres, including the Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater (http://www.tokyo-novyi.com/russia/) directed by Leonid Anisimov.

2. The China government employs all means to promote studies of Maxim Gorky’s creative works as well as all Russian literature. For example, recently there has been established Gorky prize for Russian literature interpreters and specialist in the field. 












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